CICS’s Game Theory and Moral Behavior Public Workshop

Thursday, 20 June, 2013 | CALENDAR, EVENTS, NEWS

Game Theory CICS Workshop


This workshop introduces basic concepts of Game Theory, reviews the experimental evidence of canonical social dilemmas and discusses alternative models of moral behavior within these dilemmas.

The talks (1 session per day) are oriented to diverse and non-specialist public. The main objectives are (i) to provide basic tools for understanding current research and, (ii) to build bridges for multidisciplinary research in this area.

Instructor: Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Sickert, CICS, facultad de Gobierno, Universidad del Desarrollo.

This workshop is part of the proyect Anillo  CONICYT  “Social Complexity” SOC-1101.


– Methodological Module

Session 1. Foundations of rational choice theory, game theoretical equlibrium concepts; Canonical social dilemmas (public goods, trust, bargaining).

– Models of moral behavior Module

Session 2. Social preferences: Altruism, inequity-aversion, reciprocity, rule-guided behavior.

Session 3. Evolutionary foundations of moral behavior: cultural group selection and the social brain.

General information:

When: Thursdays 27th June, 4th July and 11th July 13:00 hrs. – 14:20 hrs. (Thursday 4th, July 14:00 hrs. -15:20 hrs.)

Where: Laboratorio Dinámica Social, (second floor, E Building) Universidad del Desarrollo, campus Rector Ernesto Silva Bafalluy, Av. La Plaza 680, Las Condes.

Language: Spanish (questions and commentaries in English are very welcome).

(all sesions include coffee break)