Important media highlight two researchers from the CICS DCCS this 2020
Every end of the year, we begin to think about what was good and bad experienced during the annual period. ...

Research on music education in children by Dr. Leonie Kausel from CICS, is featured in Frontiers en Neuroscience
Attention and working memory (WM) are basic components of executive functions, and can be improved through training. One activity that ...

Universidad del Desarrollo will support the implementation of 5 initiatives on COVID-19
Five of these projects originated at the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD), which had been placed on the waiting list during ...

Political polarization in today’s Chile: analysis of the DCCS director in La Tercera
Given the current scenario our country is going through, and not only with regard to the Pandemic and quarantines in ...

The DCCS CICS welcomes the new generation of students
This Friday, August 7, concluded the week of welcoming the new generation of students of the Doctorate in Sciences of ...

The DCCS CICS has now its 5th PhD in Social Complexity Sciences
Mauricio Aspé Sánchez, psychologist and student of the 2015 generation of the Doctorate in Social Complexity Sciences (DCCS) of the ...

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