Contribute to science: open call for participants who have had a non-COVID respiratory illness during the pandemic
NeuroCICS laboratory, along with Clínica Alemana, is looking for volunteers for the control group of the study on the neurological ...

Oriana Figueroa receives the Postdoctoral Fondecyt in Psychology 2022
Through this fund, the Doctor in Social Complexity Sciences will explore how competitive altruism linked to reproductive strategies is. The ...

The brain of the fan: football as a model of affiliation and intergroup conflict
Ph.D. Francisco Zamorano presented the preliminary results of the study that seeks to identify the cognitive and neurobiological mechanisms that ...

Collaborate with science: we are looking for mothers for paid study
    The Center for Research in Social Complexity (CICS) opens a call for women who are mothers for a presencial study ...

Research on intracerebral signals for reward and punishment prediction errors in humans by Dr. Pablo Billeke featured in Nature Communications
Using intracortical iEEG recordings, an international group of neuroscience researchers identified the existence of two different cortical systems for approach ...

Brain stimulation to improve functions: the proposal of CICS UDD researchers for patients with cognitive impairments
Have you ever wondered what would happen if we could have control over our brain and, why not, improve some ...

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