Two CICS researchers publish study related to Mozart’s master piece and complex social networks
[caption id="attachment_3514" align="alignleft" width="150" class="align-left align-left "] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.[/caption] By the end of June, the book Evolution and Popular ...

Strong presence of CICS researchers and DCCS students in the 31st version of the HBES 2019 Congress in Boston
Presentations covered topics as diverse as the role of social joy in evolution, elicitation jealousy in the laboratory, demographic processes ...

In a successful talk organized by CICS, Andrew Sliwinski, presented Scratch, the programming tool for children
In the mid-1990s, and having a big entrance in the 21st century, technology in education began to have more force ...

Isabel Behncke and her visit to the Congo: “It helped me a lot to have tolerance for uncertainty”
With a full space with more than 100 people, Isabel Behncke, primatologist, PhD in Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of ...

Between San Francisco and Vermont: the intense work PhD Cristian Candia is doing in the United States
These days, the first PhD in Social Complexity Sciences and CICS researcher, Cristian Candia-Castro, has been quite busy. This week,Candia ...

For the first time, UDD distinguishes a Permanent Visiting Professor: Leda Cosmides from CICS
With the presence of the authorities from Universidad del Desarrollo, the outstanding researcher and visiting professor since 2013 of the ...

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