Dr. Leda Cosmides will deliver a Lecture and a Winter School on Evolutionary Psychology this August

Thursday, 1 August, 2013 | NEWS

Science and Evolution Foundation, in a joint collaborative effort with Universidad del Desarrollo’s School of Government, are continuing a formative program for Chilean academics in the evolutionary paradigm for the social sciences that was initiated in 2012.

This August both institutions will organize the Evolutionary Psychology Winter School 2013 in and its Public Lecture deliverd by Dr. Leda Cosmides, from UCSB. The key aspects of this program are the opportunity to attend Leda Cosmides´ formal academic course in Santiago, Chile, and to extend  Dr. Cosmides Lecture research to general public interested in Evolutionary Psychology  matters throughout her lecture.

Dr. Cosmides will present the foundations of Evolutionary Psychology and some of the main elements of her research program, including cognition processes and social exchange. The actual content of the sessions will be those of her current course “Evolution and Cognition”, she gave at the University of California,  Santa Barbara in the first semester of 2013, although she will be addressing only six of the ten sessions that the regular university course includes.