SFI-UDD Complex Systems Summer School Chile Public Lectures

Martes, 5 Noviembre, 2013 | CALENDAR, EVENTS, NEWS

Aviso Pulso


Graham Spencer, head director of engineering at Google, and David Krakauer, director of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, University of Wisconsin, Madison will be the main speakers at the event which will mark the end of the Complex System Summer School Chile (CSSS), organized by the School of Government at Universidad del Desarrollo and the Santa Fe Institute (SFI).

The conference will be held on November 21 in the Postgraduate building’s down floor Auditorium (Zócalo Edificio de Post Grados). Spencer will be presenting “The future of computer chips and new computer models” and Krakauer will be presenting “Past, present and future of intelligence on planet earth”.

Abstract: “Past, present and future of intelligence on planet earth. What is intelligence, where does it come from, and why does it appear to be so rare in the known universe? In this talk I shall provide an overview of our historical attempts to explain, define, and improve our intelligence. I shall explore the extraordinary and diverse forms of intelligence across life on earth, and consider the future of intelligence – the extended mind –  in an age of increasing dependence upon machines. If the extended mind is the universes’s way of understanding itself, what will this cosmological self-awareness produce?”

Abstract: “The future of computer chips and new computer models. More data often means messier data. Natural systems still beat our best artificial systems in many tasks where noisy or messy data is prevalent. In this talk, I’ll discuss one surprising reason for why natural systems do so well: they add even more noise to already noisy data, and in doing so they learn better models.”

This activity is oriented to a diverse and non-specialist audience.

The CSSS Chile will take place in Zapallar (V Region of Valparaiso), from November 11th until the 21st. The main objective of the course will be to approach bio-complexity, the environment’s complex behavior and its analysis from a social, natural and formal sciences point of view.

Only 20 students will take part in this course, which were selected from over 500 applicants by an international academic committee including national reviewers. The twenty attendees are currently pursuing post-doctoral, doctoral and masters degrees, including outstanding undergraduate students from all disciplines, from countries such as Brazil, India, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Germany, the United States and Serbia & Montenegro. Six of the selected students are Chilean.


Program CSSS Chile Public Lectures:

17:30 hrs. “The future of computer chips and new computational models” Graham Spencer

18:10 hrs. “The past, present, and future of Intelligence on planet Earth” David Krakauer

18:50 hrs. Questions and discusion

19:10 hrs. Closure Cocktail CSSS Chile 2013

General Information

When: Thursday 21th November. 17:30 hrs. -20:00hrs. (Cockatil included)

Where: Postgradutate Building down floor auditorium, (Zócalo Edificio de Postgrado) Universidad del Desarrollo, Campus Rector Ernesto Silva Bafalluy, Av. La Plaza 680, Las Condes.

Language: English

Entrance: Liberated