CICS researchers created a new Research Topic for the Frontiers in Phychiatry journal

Martes, 20 Mayo, 2014 | NEWS


CICS researchers Pablo Billeke MD PhD, Carlos Rodriguez-Sickert PhD and Francisco Zamorano PhD, organized a Research Topic related to the application of interdisciplinary tools for understanding social behaviors and their possible applications in research on neuropsychiatric diseases for the System Biology section of Frontiers in Psychiatry journal.This initiative came as a result of a pioneering research line that applies a social neuroscience approach to psychiatry headed by Dr. Billeke.

The idea behind a Research Topic is to create a comprehensive and organized collection of a current research topic, as well as, it seek to generate a forum for discussion and debate that enrich the area. Thus, any researcher in the area can contribute with articles that describing original research, methods, hypothesis & theory, opinions, etc.

The aim of this research topic is twofold: 1) to contribute to the discussion and the elaboration of theoretical and methodological interfaces among different disciplines that study the social phenomena, 2) to examine the results of interdisciplinary studies of social behavior, discussing their potential strengths and pitfalls together with their implications for the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, which are characterized by several impairments in social behaviors.

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