“CICS Season Finale” closure event this Thursday

Miércoles, 17 Diciembre, 2014 | CALENDAR, EVENTS, NEWS

Póster Season Finale CICS copia

Lectures from Isabel Behncke from the University of Oxford, Katarzyna Nowak from the University of Cambridge, and Beau Lotto from the University of Edinburgh, will mark the closure event for the year 2014 for the Research Center for Social Complexity.

The activity “Season Finale CICS” “Cognition and Behavior in human and non-human primates” will be held on Thursday 18th December and will culminate with a small cocktail.

The three leading international researchers have prepare their 30 minutes talks in a brief format suitable for varied audience. The invitation is open to all of CICS friends and community interested in Social Complexity.

Please confirm your assistance by sending an email to cics@udd.cl.

General Information:

: Isabel Behncke, Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Group at the University of Oxford will address aspects of the behavior of Bonobos, one of the closest evolutionary human in his speech, delivered in Castilian primates: “Sex, Play & Videos: the social lives of bonobos, our Great Ape cousins in the Congo jungle”.

Lecture: Katarzyna Nowak, PhD. in Anthropological Biology, University of Cambridge present the results of their latest research related to risk perception in primates in his paper “Measuring a primate’s Perceived risk in a landscape of fear”.

Lecture: Beau Lotto, PhD. in Neuroscience from the University of Edinburgh, who will combine two of their areas of expertise, insight and complexity, in his talk “The emergence of visual illusions in Evolving Artificial Life systems”.

When: Tuesday 18th December, 18:00 hrs.-20:00 hrs.

Where: Sala JPostC, (Edificio de Posgrados) Universidad del Desarrollo, Campus Rector Ernesto Silva Bafalluy, Av. La Plaza 680, Las Condes.

Language: English (without translation)

Questions: cics@udd.cl