A grant in Innovation in Technology for the Prevention of Accidents and Diseases in the Workplace has been awarded to the Center for Research on Social Complexity (CICS)

Friday, 31 July, 2015 | NEWS


The Superintendence of Social Security (SUSESO is Spanish), and the Association of Chilean Safety (ACHS in Spanish), have awarded a grant to CICS’ project titled: “Phone application for management control of occupational exposure to noise”, which is directed by Carlos Rodríguez Sickert, the center’s co-director. This grant was obtained by applying to an open grant competition for projects and technological innovations in “accidents in the workplace and professional diseases”:

This project will have a duration of ten months and counts with the participation of Cecilia Monge, executive director of CICS, and Mario Jara and Rodrigo Calle from ZYGHT; a company that develops personal safety phone applications (apps).

The main objective of this innovation is to take advantage of the high performance technology that smart phones possess in order to create a portable tool (in the form of an app), which can be used by workers to monitor the noise levels in their workplace, track their geo-position and other information that will give the user a better sense of his or hers environment in case an accident occurs, of the development of a workplace related disease. All of these actions will be achieved through the activation of a pseudo-sonograph within the smart phone, which will be programmed by the app’s administrator.