NerdNites Valparaiso B4

Viernes, 3 Febrero, 2017 | NEWS

The CICS – MIT B4 Research Camp, together with the Goethe House, took the NerdNites to Valparaiso for the first time and, in an unprecedented way, for free.

B4 representatives were their general supervisors, César Hidalgo from MIT and the Director of CICS, Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert; plus one student from each institution: Cristián Jara representing the MediaLab Macro Connetions and María Teresa Barbato, student of the CICS doctorate.

Founded by Chris Balakrishan in Boston, the NerdNites began in 2003 to later expand to more than 90 cities in the world. The central idea of ​​these events is to combine learning with entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere, so that 2 or 3 speakers per night make short presentations and then talk to the audience in a horizontal and informal way.