Oxford Researcher joins as CICS International Fellow

Miércoles, 4 Enero, 2017 | NEWS

Tamas David-Barret, researcher from the Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Group (SENRG) led by Robin Dunbar at Oxford, is incorporated as the latest International Fellow of the Social Complexity Research Center.

Tamas, besides co-publishing in joint work with CICS researchers, is currently working on a kind network group project with Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert, Director of the Research Center; Loreto Bravo, Director of the University’s Data Science Institute; and Isabel Behncke who belongs to both CICS and SENRG.

Moreover, he will visit Chile for the second time in January to participate as a spokesman in the Congress of the Future and as supervisor of students in the 2017 CICS-MIT research camp called B4 – Bits, Bots, Brain and Behavioral – to be held in Valparaíso between January 9 and 30.

David-Barret is an economist at the University of London and a postgraduate from Oxford focused on the study of human group behavior, with special interest in behavioral synchrony dynamics, the impact of evolutionary aspects on sociability, and agent modeling.

He is currently a tutor and Fellow in Economics at Trinity College Oxford, and in addition to his anthropological work, also publishes in the area of ​​economics and network analysis.

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