Successful first FONDEF IT pilot

Tuesday, 17 January, 2017 | NEWS

Six months after the FONDEF IT it15i10079 project, the first implementation stage in pilot mode was completed in 5 schools of Corporación Educacional de San Bernardo.

The project currently awarded in the FONDEF line is the continuation of a first award executed during 2014-2016 and will have new resources for the 2016-2018 term to carry out a multiplatform version of the video game to measure the cooperation dispositions of students in highschool.

In the current piloting the application of the game was tested with modifications in the programming to increase the robustness and parameterization of the software. The results were very auspicious since the technical difficulties were little, the researchers detected the opportunities of improvement and the participating children reported to have had a very pleasant experience.

The schools participating in this stage were: Eliodoro Yañez, Escuela Libertador Bernardo O´Higgins, Escuela Cinco Pinos, Escuela Clara Solovera, Escuela España and Escuela Mahuida, all of them belonging to the Corporación Educacional de San Bernardo.

Based on the information during this pilot phase, the team will implement the possible improvements detected in the programming of the instrument, as well as in the control instruments and protocol of its implementation.

The project, led by researcher Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert, co-director of the Social Complexity Research Center and member of the Faculty of Government of our university, has the collaboration of the Faculty of Engineering, the Corporación Educacional de San Bernardo and Macro group Conections MIT Media Lab. Within the project is considered the participation of our doctoral students and their help in terms of data analysis.

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