[CICS on Tour] DCCS student will study Transporte at the University of Newcastle

Jueves, 10 Mayo, 2018 | NEWS

Jorge Urrutia, part of the 2015 Generation, will work for a month and a half with Dr. Elizabetta Cherchi, a world expert in experiments of declared preferences, discrete choice models and decision-making processes.

The DCCS incorporates the possibility that doctoral students, who have completed the training requirements and approved their thesis project. This allowed that Jorge Urrutia moved to the United Kingdom to do intensive work for his thesis project during his stay at the Department of Transportation of the Faculty of Engineering that will be extended for 40 days.

In the context of his thesis “Modeling of revealed and declared preferences in the Urban area and in the Autos market”, Urrutia analyzes the latent demand for low pollution cars (electric and hybrid alternatives) and the potential impact of a tax regulation of exception of taxes and subsidy to the purchase in the modification of the preferences for consumption of conventional cars, in contrast to the adoption of low pollution vehicles.

With that objective, the student of the generation 2015 will collaborate with the researcher and professor of transport of the University of Newcastle, Elizabetta Cherchi. Currently, the Doctor in Transport Techniques and Economics studies the effect of social conformity in the adoption of electric vehicles, the effect of direct experience in the adoption of electric vehicles, the combination of substitution and diffusion model to predict the market of electric vehicles and emerging estimation techniques for discrete choice models.

During this semester, Jorge Urrutia will work on his thesis advance, a synthesis that will be presented in one of the weekly Labgroups that will be presented to all DCCS students and their thesis supervisors.

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