[CICS on Tour] Director CICS at Radio Universidat Karl-Franzens of Graz
Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert, Director of the Center for Research in Social Complexity, visited the economist and our external collaborator, Christoph Kuzmics, ...

[PAPER] Cerebral oscillatory activity reflects memory alterations in patients with autism
The NeuroCICS researcher, Josefina Larraín, led a study published by the journal Scientific Reports, in which the patterns of oscillatory ...

Who cheated?: a social experiment
Professor Raymond Duch, researcher at the University of Oxford, is dedicated to the study of cheating and the behavioral variables ...

Why do we seek for danger?
The researcher of the NeuroCICS and Ph.D in Medical Sciences Francisco Zamorano reflects on fear, one of the most discussed topics during ...

When bullying meets (video) game theory: A novel framework to understand elementary school environments
Students Cristian Candia and Víctor Landaeta work in this publication about the project "Digital games platform for the measurement of prosocial dispositions ...

CICS links with Research Centers on Bases of Human Behavior 2017
The II Workshop organized by the Center for Research in Social Complexity (CICS), the Laboratory of Evolution and Interpersonal ...

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