Isabel Behncke: a “mujer bacana” of the CICS who joins Violeta Parra and Joan of Arc
A few years ago, the journalists Sofía García Huidobro, Fernanda Claro, Concepción Quintana and Isabel Plant, began to write a ...

The effects demographic transition has on the social network, is the topic addressed by CICS researcher, Tamas David-Barrett, in his most recent paper
Why falling fertility, urbanisation, and migration leads to a major shift in the way our societies work.  Consequence: the traditional ...

[PAPER] NeuroCICS researchers have recently published a study that contributes to clarifying social difficulties in children with austistic spectrum disorders (ASD)
The Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are considered one of the most complex neurodevelopmental disorders to understand. People suffering from autism ...

Janos Kértesz and the Econophysics: “Theory is being continually challenged by observation”
"It is fascinating. He has a complete vision of the networks theory and the mathematical physical theory which sustains it, ...

[Invention Patent] “A method for processing cerebral images”: the challenge of detecting the epilepsy early
The PhD. in Medical Sciences, Francisco Zamorano Mendieta, of the division of Neuroscience of the Research Center for Social Complexity ...

[United Kingdom] CICS Researcher and DCCS Professor, Tamas David-Barrett, presents the Richard Wrangham’s new book on evolution, violence and war
The Conway Hall Ethical Society, formerly known as the South Place Ethical Society, is considered the oldest free thought organization ...

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