[CICS on tour] DCCS students participated in CompleNet 2018
Cristián Candia, Víctor Landaeta and Ignacio Toledo, students of the first and second generation of the Doctorate, presented at the ...

Successful Research Camp DCCS finished with students as protagonists in open lectures
The work developed during this period covered topics such as immigration, art, trust and decision making from the perspective of ...

The role of music in the formation of social structures
Primatologist Isabel Behncke and Great Place to Rock co-founder, Hernán Rojas, launched the "Social Tech Lab", a joint initiative to ...

Researchers award funds for projects in neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and child welfare
Two Fondecyt were granted to researchers associated with our Center: "Modulation of proactive cognitive control through prefrontal oscillatory training", led ...

Science with Social Approach: The DCCS 2018 Research Camp began
This complete month seeks that the students can work with complete dedication in the projects that they will develop individually, ...

The Ecosystems of Premodern Societies
Social and geographical dynamics In this paper, we present a spatial agent-based model of the emergence and proliferation of premodern complex ...

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