CICS links with Research Centers on Bases of Human Behavior 2017
The II Workshop organized by the Center for Research in Social Complexity (CICS), the Laboratory of Evolution and Interpersonal ...

II Interdisciplinary Conference “Bases of Human Behavior 2017”
The Center for Research in Social Complexity (CICS in spanish) of the Faculty of Government of Universidad del Desarrollo and ...

[CICS on tour] DCCS in Complex System 2017 Conference
Four students of the Doctorate in Social Complexity Sciences (DCCS in spanish) presented their work at this event, held for ...

César Hidalgo: one of the 20 most innovative Latins in the Technology Industry
The director of the MIT Media Lab and member of our international network is part of the group selected by ...

[CICS on tour] “The Laws of forgetting” at International Conference on Computational Social Science
Not just people fall in love, social groups do too, and through this common experience songs, films and cultural icons ...

[CICS on Tour] Two PhD investigations participated in the Human Behavior and Evolution Society 2017
Jorge Castillo and María Teresa Barbato presented their works, as an exhibition and poster respectively, focused on the study of ...

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