Project Anillo was excelently assessed by CONICYT’s international reviewers

Lunes, 11 Mayo, 2015 | NEWS


Carlos Rodíguez Sickert, Academic director of the UDD Doctoral Progrogram in Social Complexity, highlighted the observed interest from both Chilean and International students, to join the doctoral program, as well as the appraisal for the program by international evaluators of CONICYT’s (National Commission for Research in Science and Technology – Chile), Proyect Anillo in Social Sciences that is currently being developed at The Research Center in Social Complexity (CICS is spanish). External evaluators were very pleased to observe true interdisciplinary work at CICS, that students of the doctoral program were able to access external academic collaboration networks of excellence and the fact that students joined research projects early on in the program. External evaluators consider it is critical that the highlighted aspects of the program are present from the very beginning.

The application process for the doctoral program finishes this week and is open for anyone who holds a bachelor’s degree in social or natural and exact sciences, as a minimum requirement, and has a specific interest in at least one of the research topics developed at CICS.

Rodríguez Sickert affirmed that the the program’s main intent is to better understand human behavior in society, from different perspectives, taking into consideration the important contributions social sciences can provide us with in this area. Yet also use the latest quantitative tools derived from exact sciences, such as mathematics, biology and physics, all of which are being applied by new researchers at CICS.

The doctoral program at CICS provides a complete scholarship, which includes tuition, a monthly stipend of one million Chilean pesos and a food allowance, per student, for the duration of the program.

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