NeuroCICS Team and DCCS students exhibit at the XIV Annual Meeting of the Chilean Society for Neuroscience

Tuesday, 20 November, 2018 | NEWS

From November 20 to 22, a team from the Neuroscience Division of the Research Center for Social Complexity (CICS, as its Spanish acronym), composed of the Ph.D in Medical Sciences and who is in charge of this area, Pablo Billeke, laboratory coordinator and kinesiologist, Alejandra Figueroa, and the Doctorate in Complexity Sciences (DCCS) students, Gabriela Valdebenito, María Paz Martínez and Mauricio Aspé, as well as Leonie Kausel, collaborator of the Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencias (PUC), will be participating in the XIV Annual Meeting of the Chilean Society for Neuroscience 2018 , which is held at the Enjoy Hotel in the city of Puerto Varas.

In the Congress – which contemplates the realization of Free Communications, Incorporation Works, Symposia and Plenary Conferences – the DCCS students will make the following oral presentations: “Parietal Posterior Cortex Encodes Value and Prediction Error During Decision Making Under Ambiguity” (Gabriela Valdebenito); “Does theta activity priming in lateral prefrontal cortex increase proactive cognitive control?” (María Paz Martínez); “Frontomedial negativity discriminates outcomes and intentions in trust-repayment behavior” (Mauricio Aspé); On the other hand, Alejandra Figueroa, will present the poster “Theta and alpha activity oscillatory activity dynamics reflect early working memory impairments in Multiple Sclerosis“. Also, Leonie Kausel, will present “Two distinct neural mechanisms underlie improved bimodal working memory in musically trained children”.

In this regard, Dr. Billeke noted that the importance of participating in this Congress is that “it is essential to be known in the local context, to see other laboratories that are doing similar things or that may be complementary at a neuroscience level, to strengthen ties and to form partnerships”. Regarding the presentations doctoral students will do, he added that “it is also about making known this interdisciplinary research program and how students and researchers from other areas, such as Engineering, Social Sciences, Economics, can develop lines of research in Chile that take aspects of neuroscience to decipher complex human behaviors”, he concluded.

This activity is part of the commemoration of the Ninetieth Anniversary of the Chilean Biology Society, an opportunity where the directives of the Genetics, Evolution and Neuroscience Societies joined together to hold this Annual Meeting as a whole.

See the program here

Left to right: Leonie Kausel, Pablo Billeke, Gabriela Valdebenito, Mauricio Aspé, María Paz Martínez, Alejandra Figueroa.

NeuroCICS Team and DCCS students.

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