Scientific collaboration and the creation of the Ministry of Science and Technology were the topics addressed by the Director of the CICS in the radio program Ciudadano ADN

Viernes, 10 Agosto, 2018 | NEWS

In conversation with Ciudadano ADN, Radio ADN program (91.7 FM) conducted by Andrea Hoffmann and Eduardo Fuentes, the director of the Research Center for Social Complexity (CICS, as its Spanish acronym), Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert talked about his participation in the successful CNN Chile program “Por la Razón o la Ciencia”, whose episode was titulated “A New Human”.

Thus, Rodríguez-Sickert stressed the importance of collaboration within the scientific field, noting that “(…) if each researcher aspires to its own success, the things that are being done would not be done”. In this regard, he highlighted the important technological advances in the development of robotics at a macro level, as well as the current boom in scientific information.

However, Rodríguez-Sickert noted that Sciences continues to have little coverage in the media, although he acknowledges that this is “partly, a responsibility of ourselves, the scientists, because we are the ones who have to actively participate in radio and television programs, and to write”. “Then (this) is an issue that must be addressed by everyone,” he concludes.

In the same vein, the director of the CICS recognizes that “the (scientific) jargon is a protection space. If you have a formula, everybody will think you are right because nobody understands it. I do believe that a good scientist is someone who is able to explain that formula to anyone who is interested in it. “

Regarding the creation of the new Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation (Law 21.105), the researcher said he hopes this will help “to develop a program for making science more consistent”, clarifying that his doubts are more related to the tangible financing the Ministry could contribute towards the science of excellence. In addition, Rodríguez hopes that this organization will become the “voice of scientists”.

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