The Research Center for Social Complexity (CICS in spanish), is a platform for research in human behavior within modern society in relation to paradigms of mathematical models and quantitative analysis. Our philosophy at CICS is that human behavior can only be understood by integrating its psychological, economic, cultural and historical dimensions. Therefore, the next step in studying human behavior is to unify the diverse social sciences.

People’s general belief is that social and natural sciences are incompatible because they study issues that are fundamentally different. The research program at CICS is based on the opposite premise: human behavior is the result of biological processes and social interactions, which must abide by social laws that are similar to the laws of physical systems. This implies that in order to advance in social studies, multidisciplinary work is indispensable. Therefore, the CICS team brings together scientists from different fields of study, all motivated by a common purpose: to better understand human behavior and social interactions phenomena in a multidimensional and integrated manner.