CICS Lecture Series on urban’s complexity and diversity 2/6: “Cities as organisms, a useful approach for urban sustainability?”

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Horacio Samaniego will deliver the second lecture of the CICS Lecture Series on Urban’s Complexity and Diversity, titled “Cities as organisms, a useful approach for urban sustainability?

Imagining the “city as an organism” is a long-standing practice. However, recent advances in ecology allow to formalize such analogy to account for old-known regularities in the size distribution of urban system in relation to the  socio-economic attributes cities. This presentation will atempt to explain the analogy and formalize this relationship to explain the distribution pattern of automobile traffic within the city. This example allows us to understand the gap between the solution offered by the installation of road infrastructure in USA and its use to meet the different needs of the increasing urban population.

General information

When: Tuesday 25th March. 14:00 hrs. -15:00  hrs.

Where: Sala Penal, (fourth floor, Patio de Aula) Universidad del Desarrollo, Campus Rector Ernesto Silva Bafalluy, Av. La Plaza 680, Las Condes.

Language: Spanish (questions and comments in English are very welcome).

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Project Inter-faculties UDD “Socioeconomic Diversity: emergent properties, complexity and sustainability in urban systems”
Project Anillo SOC-1101 CONICYT
Project FONDECYT  Non Local Interactions in Stochastic Environments

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