CICS launches its Lecture Series on urban’s complexity and diversity

Martes, 4 Marzo, 2014 | CALENDAR, EVENTS, NEWS

Next Tuesday, 25th March: “Cities as organisms, a useful approach for urban sustainability?”



Miguel Angel Fuentes will deliver the first lecture of the CICS Lecture Series on Urban’s Complexity and Diversity, titled “Continuous models in urban systems“.

This talk will discuss models for the understanding of some characteristics of labor diversity in current societies. These models involve deterministic dynamics using partial differential equations. It will discuss one generalization of such models using continuous nonlinear spatial operators. This will be the first of six lectures in the context of CICS’s Interfaculty project: “Socioeconomic Diversity: emergent properties, complexity and sustainability in urban systems”.

General information

When: Tuesday 11th March. 14:00 hrs. -15:00  hrs.

Where: Sala Penal, (fourth floor, Patio de Aula) Universidad del Desarrollo, Campus Rector Ernesto Silva Bafalluy, Av. La Plaza 680, Las Condes.

Language: Spanish (questions and comments in English are very welcome).

Questions: [email protected]


Project Inter-faculties UDD “Socioeconomic Diversity: emergent properties, complexity and sustainability in urban systems”
Project Anillo SOC-1101 CONICYT
Project FONDECYT  Non Local Interactions in Stochastic Environments


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