Isabel Behncke: a “mujer bacana” of the CICS who joins Violeta Parra and Joan of Arc

Tuesday, 12 March, 2019 | NEWS

A few years ago, the journalists Sofía García Huidobro, Fernanda Claro, Concepción Quintana and Isabel Plant, began to write a blog where they uploaded the biography of a prominent woman every day. Thus, they realized that there were many, many, women who had and were making their mark in history, in areas as diverse as music, literature, science and politics, and so on in many other areas. In this way, the idea of ​​making a collection emerges, and highlighting the value these women have had in a world dominated mainly by men throughout history. Illustrated by Sonia Pulido, “Mujeres Bacanas” was released in 2017, an illustrated book which contains biographies of 100 women of all ages and ideologies, from different racial origins and countries, and diverse political tendencies and socioeconomic situation, whose first version was widely accepted among readers.

Isabel Behncke

However, and given the large number of prominent women, these journalists have just launched “Mujeres Bacanas Latinas”, a collection that highlights the relevance that many women in the region have had, including the primatologist and CICS researcher, Isabel Behncke, who has helped research human evolution by becoming the world expert in Bonobos, the species of monkeys closest to humans, along with chimpanzees. During three years, Isabel studied this species in its natural habitat (Congo), focusing on the game and its evolutionary importance.

Along with the researcher, we can also find the Chilean Elena Caffarena, the Cuban singer Celia Cruz, the Mexican writer Rosario Castellanos, the former Argentine hockey player Luciana Aymar, the Chilean tennis player Anita Lizana, among many others, without having any hierarchy among them.

The book, which is already on sale, was published by Editorial Catalonia.

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