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Isabel Behncke and her visit to the Congo: “It helped me a lot to have tolerance for uncertainty”

Viernes, 17 Mayo, 2019 |
With a full space with more than 100 people, Isabel Behncke, primatologist, PhD in Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Oxford, and collaborating researcher at the Research ...

Isabel Behncke: a “mujer bacana” of the CICS who joins Violeta Parra and Joan of Arc

Martes, 12 Marzo, 2019 |
A few years ago, the journalists Sofía García Huidobro, Fernanda Claro, Concepción Quintana and Isabel Plant, began to write a blog where they uploaded the biography of ...

CICS researcher Isabel Behncke will present on the first official TED Talk in Spanish

Lunes, 10 Abril, 2017 |
For the first time in TED history, an official full session of lectures in Spanish will be held at the annual conference in Vancouver, which will be ...