Contribute to science: open call for participants who have had a non-COVID respiratory illness during the pandemic

Viernes, 17 Junio, 2022 | NEWS

NeuroCICS laboratory, along with Clínica Alemana, is looking for volunteers for the control group of the study on the neurological consequences of the pandemic virus. Participants must attend two sessions, for which they will be financially compensated.

Researchers Pablo Billeke and Leonie Kausel, both members of the neuroscience laboratory of the Center for Research in Social Complexity (CICS), lead a follow-up study of the possible neurological consequences of COVID-19.

Currently, they are in the recruitment phase of the participants that will make up the control group, that is, the set of cases that will allow scientists to reliably compare the results with the experimental group, in this case, those affected by the novel Sars-CoV-2 virus.

NeuroCICS lab looks for people who have had a non-COVID respiratory infection during the pandemic. The unique requirements, therefore, are:

– Not have been diagnosed with COVID-19 (during the entire pandemic)

– Have been diagnosed with a respiratory disease during the pandemic, with or without hospitalization.


What will the participants in the control group do?

Participants must attend two research sessions:

  1. Magnetic resonance imaging session: the exam will be carried out at the Clínica Alemana in La Dehesa and it lasts approximately 2 hours.
  2. Electroencephalogram session: the exam will be held at Universidad Del Desarrollo and it lasts approximately 3 hours.

On both occasions, participants are only asked for their time, as no additional tasks will be required. In addition, the scientific and medical team will deliver a neuropsychological report and the magnetic resonance images with a neuroradiological report for the participants. In addition, a compensation payment for participation will be delivered.

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