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Contribute to science: open call for participants who have had a non-COVID respiratory illness during the pandemic

Viernes, 17 Junio, 2022 |
NeuroCICS laboratory, along with Clínica Alemana, is looking for volunteers for the control group of the study on the neurological consequences of the pandemic virus. Participants must ...

Universidad del Desarrollo will support the implementation of 5 initiatives on COVID-19

Lunes, 21 Septiembre, 2020 |
Five of these projects originated at the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD), which had been placed on the waiting list during the competition for the Rapid Allocation of ...

Isabel Behncke: “We spend trillions of dollars on defense systems and we’re brought to our knees by a strand of RNA”

Lunes, 13 Abril, 2020 |
These days the agenda of Isabel Behncke Izquierdo, Primatologist and Researcher at the Research Center in Social Complexity (CICS) of the Universidad del Desarrollo, has been full. ...