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Science with Social Approach: The DCCS 2018 Research Camp began

Martes, 9 Enero, 2018 |
This complete month seeks that the students can work with complete dedication in the projects that they will develop individually, having available the orientation of the professors ...

Registration is open for B4 closing event

Viernes, 3 Febrero, 2017 |
CICS and MIT B4, Bits, Bots, Brain and Behavior Research Camp was consolidated this year by increasing the number of students, projects and researchers involved, while creating ...

B4: The research camp MIT Media Lab Macro Connections Group and CICS-UDD

Jueves, 8 Diciembre, 2016 |
For the second year in a row, the MIT Media Lab Macro Connections Group and the Social Complexity Research Center at UDD, together with its doctoral program ...