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César Hidalgo: one of the 20 most innovative Latins in the Technology Industry

Miércoles, 27 Septiembre, 2017 |
The director of the MIT Media Lab and member of our international network is part of the group selected by the site specialized in technology CNET Cesar A. Hidalgo, ...

B4: The research camp MIT Media Lab Macro Connections Group and CICS-UDD

Jueves, 8 Diciembre, 2016 |
For the second year in a row, the MIT Media Lab Macro Connections Group and the Social Complexity Research Center at UDD, together with its doctoral program ...

VIDEO B3: BITS, BOTS & BEHAVIOR MIT-UDD has been launched to watch online

Miércoles, 20 Abril, 2016 |
Watch the B3 podcast to review the event's highlights: The Research Camp B3 "Bits, Bots & Behavior" realized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Macro Connections Group and ...