César Hidalgo: one of the 20 most innovative Latins in the Technology Industry

Miércoles, 27 Septiembre, 2017 | NEWS

The director of the MIT Media Lab and member of our international network is part of the group selected by the site specialized in technology CNET

Cesar A. Hidalgo, the “Data Tamper”, now also receives the title of one of the 20 most innovative Latins in the Technology Industry for their work with the visualization of large volumes of information.

CNET published that “the list of this year celebrates the work of engineers, designers, programmers and entrepreneurs, both from known technological giants and successful startups who seek to bring their own innovations to revolutionize their respective industries”.

In addition to the announcement, the site created a review of the 37-year-old physicist where they highlight his “rockstar” personality, his work with Big Data and previous recognitions such as the one given to him by Wired UK, as one of the world’s 50 brightest minds.

The site also highlights his ability to create stories through this content: “Hidalgo spins data visualization, computer networks and economics. Yes, it is as complex as it sounds. But somehow, these concepts take on a limpid form from the hand of Hidalgo, who with data visualization engines makes the overwhelming somewhat understandable, connects the apparently disparate and converts numbers into stories. An example of this is the platform The Observatory of Economic Complexity, built by him along with the Venezuelan economist Ricardo Haussmann, and that allows to visualize the exports of the countries in the last 50 years.

César currently works with PhD students in Social Complexity Sciences in the development of their research projects. Cristian Candia, part of the generation 2014, is doing one of the internships promoted by the program of the CICS in the MIT Media Lab.

The other 19 most innovative Latins in the Technology Industry are:
Manuel Bronstein, Venezuelan, vice president of product management, YouTube.
Óscar Celma, Spanish, head of research, director, Pandora.
Alberto Cerriteño, Mexican director of art for the 3D for Everyone program, Microsoft.
Nonny de la Peña, Mexican American, founder, CEO, Emblematic Group.
Serafín Díaz, Mexican, vice president of engineering, Qualcomm.
Luis Domínguez, American of Mexican mother and Honduran father, engineer in aviation systems, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA.
Carlos Guestrin, Argentine-Brazilian, director of learning machines, Apple.
Daniel Loreto, Venezuelan, engineering manager, Airbnb.
Diana Macias, Mexican American, manager of software engineering, mobile and programming, Twitter.
Pilar Manchón, Spanish, director of cognitive interfaces, Amazon.
Jessica J. Márquez, a Peruvian research engineer from the Division of Human Systems Integration at NASA.
André Natal, Brazilian, voice understanding engineer, Mozilla.
Charlie Ortiz, Puerto Rican, director of the artificial intelligence and natural language processing laboratory, Nuance.
Carolina Parada, Venezuelan, senior deep learning engineer at Nvidia.
Santiago Pina Ros, Spanish, software engineer, WhatsApp.
Joaquín Quiñonero Candela, Spanish, Director of Applied Machine Learning, Facebook.
Enrique Rodríguez, Mexican, executive vice president of AT & T Entertainment Group.
Katia Vega, Peruvian, professor of interactive design, University of California at Davis.
Alberto Villarreal, Mexican, creative director of consumer hardware, Google.

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