Two representatives of CICS UDD participated in the first day of pitch presentation of the HubTecGO program

Tuesday, 13 August, 2019 | NEWS

This Monday, was held at the Hotel Plaza El Bosque in Las Condes the first pitch of the projects from the technology maturation program, “HubTecGO!”, whose objective is to select projects that will pass to the next stage of this program, through the evaluation of its value proposition and its market opportunity. Of the projects presented by ​​the Universidad del Desarrollo’s technological transfer area, IConoUDD, two were selected by Hubtec to participate in this instance and both belong to the Research Center of Social Complexity (CICS).

Dr. in Medical Sciences and researcher of the CICS’s neuroscience area, Francisco Zamorano, presented “Zoltar”, a tool that allows the automation of the analysis for the objective identification of brain lesions in patients with epilepsy who must undergo surgery, developed together with Dr. Pablo Billeke. Furthermore, the CICS Coordinator and Transfer Projects, Tamara Yaikin, presented the digital games project that allows characterizing the cooperation between students of a course, work carried out together with the CICS director, Carlos Rodríguez -Sickert, and Dr. in Social Complexity Sciences, Cristian Candia, among others.

The jury was composed of Francisco Valdivia, General Manager of Edutic; Cristián Olea, Partner Manutara Ventures; Pablo Traub, President of ACVC; Pablo Hernández, Endurance Funds Manager; Omar Larach, Angel Consultant and Investor; and Constanza Sigala, Manager of Algenis. All of them were in charge of evaluating the participants, taking into consideration the following aspects: problem definition; relevance of the proposed value and potential product to the problem identified; experience and capacity of the work team; and clear identification of the following development stages to reach the market.

The results of this first presentation will be delivered on Wednesday, August 12, date on which the names of the participants who pass to the second round will be announced.

Tamara Yaikin, CICS Coordinator and Transfer Projects.

Dr. in Medical Science and CICS researcher, Francisco Zamorano.

From left to right: Rodrigo del Canto (IConoUDD), Marisol Soto (IConoUDD), Tamara Yaikin (CICS), Daniela Sánchez (IConoUDD) and Jorge Jara (IConoUDD).

From left to right: Rodrigo del Canto (IConoUDD), Marisol Soto (IConoUDD), Catalina Astorga (IConoUDD) and Dr. Francisco Zamorano (CICS).

Final picture: Participants and their teams.

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