CICS’s co-director spoke at UDD’s seminar on Entrepreneurial responsibility, cooperation and commitment

Jueves, 25 Junio, 2015 | NEWS

1. Rodriguez Sickert seminario MBAUDD

The Universidad del Desarrollo’s Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Program (School of Business and Economics), organized “The pillars of the modern enterprise: responsibility, cooperation and commitment” seminar, held this past Thursday, June 18th at the CorpArtes auditorium to which close to 700 people attended.

Carlos Rodríguez Sickert and Eduardo Aninat were the keynote speakers at the event. Rodríguez Sickert is the co-director of the Center for Research in Social Complexity (CICS in Spanish), and the director of the doctoral program in Social Complexity Sciences at UDD. Aninat holds a phD from Harvard University, is an ex-minister of Finance and is currently a professor at UDD’s School of Business and Economics.

Rodríguez Sickert, who holds a phD from Cambridge University, based his presentation on Game Theory, where he said “The theory becomes the common language through which we can depict not only conflict but also cooperation”. During his presentation he emphasized on the fact that greed and distrust are currently the main challenges that modern companies are facing. With regards to greed, Rodríguez Sickert explained that it plays a fundamental role in competition, but that it isn’t compatible with the development of good interpersonal relationships within a company. He concluded this topic by saying: “Individuals must be able to trust one another and the conditions for them to do so and to cooperate is present in companies, although they are fragile”.

Eduardo Aninat referred to the challenges that modern 21st century companies are facing, where he stated that the idea of understanding a company as a community of people where the general manager acts as a coordinator and leader, all the while applying the principles of citizen ethics, is one of their main challenges.

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