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Games Theory and Cooperation were the topics addressed by the Director of CICS in the 2° session of ISHE 2018

Miércoles, 5 Septiembre, 2018 |
The second day of the World Congress of the International Society for Human Ethology (ISHE) 2018 was focused on several presentations throughout the day. During the afternoon, ...

CICS is awarded with funds to develop the second phase of a FONDEF Project

Viernes, 11 Marzo, 2016 |
After receiving excellent evaluation on the first phase of the project titled “Digital games platform to measure willingness to cooperate in school children”, and a successful application ...

CICS’s “Why do people cooperate? Lessons from experimental game-theory” Public Workshop

Lunes, 5 Agosto, 2013 |
CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE HERE In this workshop we will present two game-theoretic models of cooperation: the public good game and the common pool resource game. We will also ...