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CICS explores neuronal mechanisms of social interactions and publishes findings which can be used in rehabilitation therapy for patients with schizophrenia

Miércoles, 4 Marzo, 2015 |
Dr. Pablo Billeke and Dr. Francisco Zamorano from the Research Center in Social Complexity (CICS) of Universidad del Desarrollo (Sanitago, Chile), conducted the study along with researchers from ...

Functional Cortical Network in Alpha Band Correlates with Social Bargaining

Miércoles, 8 Octubre, 2014 |
P. Billeke,  F. Zamorano, M. Chavez, D. Cosmelli and F. Aboitiz. PLoS One. DOI: 10.1371. ABSTRACT Solving demanding tasks requires fast and flexible coordination among different brain areas. Everyday examples ...

José Luis Ulloa presented his work on the cerebral processes involved in the perception of visual contact and the expression of emotions

Viernes, 5 Septiembre, 2014 |
This past Tuesday, José Luis Ulloa -phD in Neuroscience from the Pierre et Marie Currie University, Paris VI, France and current post-doctoral fellow at the Brain and ...