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When bullying meets (video) game theory: A novel framework to understand elementary school environments

Tuesday, 24 October, 2017 |
Students Cristian Candia and Víctor Landaeta work in this publication about the project "Digital games platform for the measurement of prosocial dispositions in school life". They are part of ...

César Hidalgo: one of the 20 most innovative Latins in the Technology Industry

Wednesday, 27 September, 2017 |
The director of the MIT Media Lab and member of our international network is part of the group selected by the site specialized in technology CNET Cesar A. Hidalgo, ...

[CICS on tour] “The Laws of forgetting” at International Conference on Computational Social Science

Friday, 8 September, 2017 |
Not just people fall in love, social groups do too, and through this common experience songs, films and cultural icons emerge. But, as Pablo Neruda said " ...